Cassava Smartech Introduces VayaAmbulance – A Service You Can Use To Order An Ambulance When You Are In Emergency



If you were wondering why Cassava Smartech acquired Mars now you can get to know the reason. It’s now possible to order an ambulance using the VayaAfrica App courtesy of a new service called VayaAmbulence. With just some few clicks on the Vaya app, you are able to order an ambulance in an emergency situation.

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However, it’s not only Mars’ ambulances that will offer the VayaAmbulence service. Instead, Vaya has engaged other ambulance service providers all over the country, meaning that the service can serve in many parts of the country. As it happens, Cassava Smartech says over 50% of ambulance provider in the country have already registered on its platform to provide the VayaAmbulence service.

How it works

Instead of having to wait cluelessly as to when an ambulance will arrive when you are in an emergency, using VayaAmbulence will make it possible for you to track an ambulance that you would have ordered. Just like how the Vaya for cars works, VayaAmbulence will assign the closest ambulance to you. This is a departure from the old model where if you called an ambulance service provider would assign you an ambulance that was not being used at that moment but that would probably be very far away from you.


Cassava Smartech

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