Dual WhatsApp: How To Run Two WhatsApp Accounts On One Phone



There some people like me who don’t want to mix business and pleasure on the same WhatsApp account. But the thing is having 2 WhatsApp accounts calls for you to splash more money on a new smartphone so that you can install another WhatsApp (for another WhatsApp separate account)

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But thank app developers there is a way to have 2 WhatsApp accounts on one phone. You only need to install a certain app and have a dual sim phone or another phone you can borrow for a few minutes (literally less than 2 minutes) so that you can receive a WhatsApp verification code for the second WhatsApp number.

How to have 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same phone

  • Assuming you already have WhatsApp installed in your phone, go to Google Play store and download and install an app called Parallel Space – Multiple accounts & Two Face (which you can download by following this link).
  • When installing, a page with a couple of apps (as shown below in the first picture) that you may want to open two separate accounts with, will show up. If you want all of these apps just hit “Add to Parallel” but if you don’t want some of them, then unmark them and just leave only WhatsApp with a blue tick (as shown in the second picture) and then hit “Add to Parallel”.


  • After you add WhatsApp to Parrallel, this (below) will show up.

  • Click the WhatsApp icon and you will be asked a “Permission Request”. Just grant it.
  • After, granting the permission, WhatsApp will start opening and a notice (shown below) will pop up asking you to install an app called Parallel Space – 64Bit Support.

  • Got to the Google Play store and download and install that app (Parallel Space – 64Bit Support) (which you can download by following this link)
  • After downloading that second app, go back to the first Parallel Space you were using and click the WhatsApp icon again to see magic
  • There you are, once you click the WhatsApp icon in the Parallel Space app, WhatsApp will open just like how it does every day in your phone

  • The rest is history, from here you know what to do to. You just have to put the other number you want to use as the second WhatsApp account.

There you have it, you now run two WhatsApp account on one phone.


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