TelOne’s Newly Commissioned Fiber Backbone Will Reduce Internet and Telephone Costs By 40%



TelOne has finally commissioned their new National Backbone Fibre Link which was supposed to have been completed back in June of last year. When TelOne gave their last update on the National Broadband Backbone project they specified that the backbone was 98% complete and they that would commission two links:

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  • Harare-Masvingo-Beitbridge link
  • Harare-Bulawayo-Beitbridge link

Back when the project was announced TelOne said changes that would come about would include new area codes and phone numbers for its subscribers, which we saw last year. The project was also said to have impact on the quality of service delivery through improvements to areas like its billing system, the quality of voice calls, faster internet speeds, toll-free services and interactive voice response services. The Acting Ambassador of Zim to China Mr Zhao Baogang said that the commissioned backbone fiber link will reduce telephone and internet costs by 40%.



Well, prior to the commissioning of the National Backbone Link, broadband was getting to Zimbabwe via Mozambique and it had to travel across the ocean which made it costly. With this project, Zimbabwe will be getting their broadband from South Africa which makes it much cheaper and speaks to the point expressed by the acting ambassador. At a time when most mobile network operators are appealing for a raise in tariffs, we can take comfort in the fact that TelOne’s home internet will remain affordable.

TelOne will commission another link in order to boost redundancy. In less fancy terms what this will mean is that if one link is affected and the network was going to suffer downtime this will no longer be the case as the second link can act as a backup.


TelOne is one of the several Telecoms companies operating in the Zimbabwean telecommunications and technology industry. Its main core business revolves around voice, data and internet products and services. "TelOne owns a wide range of telecommunications equipment, varying from various exchanges located in strategic areas,… Read More About TelOne

Beitbridge is a Town located in Matabeleland South Province in Zimbabwe. Read More About Beitbridge

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