{Updated} How To Transfer Money From OneMoney, Telecash To EcoCash And Vice Versa



Let’s talk about the long-desired feature introduced by Steward bank yesterday that enables people to transfer money between wallets. That’s the magic of Sosholoza: you can move money between Telecash and OneMoney and EcoCash through Steward Bank’s WhatsApp banking service. You can also move money between these aforementioned wallets to any bank too. You are obviously wondering how one can do that. Well, let me show you how:

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  1. Add the Shosholoza number to your contacts (+263777222333).
  2. Open your WhatsApp, and text “Hi” to the Shosholoza number
  3. You will then start to interact with the bot called Batsi which will ask your name.
  4. After providing your name, you are presented with the banking services menu and on the top of the options is Sosholoza
  5. Send “1” for Sosholoza
  6. You will then be presented with a sub-menu of the Sosholoza transaction you want to do. Since you want to move money from a wallet, choose option 1 “Any wallet To Any Bank”.
  7. You will be asked the amount of money you want to transfer.
  8. You will also be asked the destination of where you want to send the money to. So just select the wallet you are sending money to
  9. You will then be asked for your pin code through a popup to enable the transfer of money from your wallet to another.
  10. After entering the pin code you’d have successfully transferred money from one wallet to another.

Previously, I included too many unnecessary steps to move money from one wallet to another. So now its just 10 steps.

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Sosholoza is a financial service by Steward Bank that works via WhatsApp. The service allows the bank's customers to transfer money from any bank or mobile money wallet to any bank and any mobile wallet in Zimbabwe. It's the first service in Zimbabwe to have… Read More About Sosholoza


Steward Bank, is a commercial bank registered and trading in Zimbabwe. The bank is a subsidiary of the Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. It was founded in 2001 by Tawanda Nyambirai as TN Bank. Read More About Steward Bank

Telecash is a mobile money transfer facility that is provided by mobile network phone operator, Telecel Zimbabwe. The product offers great convenience to customers by allowing them to send money across all networks and make payments. When the product was launched, it was said that… Read More About Telecash

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